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June 14, 2012
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BuildingIQ and Nevada Energy partner to launch Commercial Energy Optimization Program for large commercial customers

San Mateo, CA., June 12, 2012 (VVV) – BuildingIQ, a leading provider of energy efficiency and demand response software, today announced an exclusive agreement with NV Energy to trial a new energy efficiency program concept for commercial customers. As part of its long standing Market and Technology trials program, NV Energy will roll out the program concept to leading commercial customers in Las Vegas. The program concept leverages at its core the BuildingIQ technology platform to offer dynamically optimized HVAC operations in pursuit of significant energy savings. NV Energy will also be working with BuildingIQ to identify and deliver other significant opportunities for energy savings and peak demand management.

NV Energy provides energy services to 2.4 million electric customers throughout Nevada. Under this agreement, the partners will target 12.1 GWh of annualized energy savings using the BuildingIQ predictive energy optimization application. The platform also has the capability to serve as an automated demand response application via its DRIQ application, which is compatible with the OpenADR standard. The trial will allow NV Energy to investigate the potential of a single integrated energy optimization platform, as one of the utility’s priorities is identifying solutions for integrated energy efficiency and demand response for future programs.

“NV Energy and BuildingIQ’s new solution for customer engagement and energy management will introduce an integrated software platform for energy efficiency and demand response,” said IDC Research’s Casey Talon. “We expect this project to generate the kind of benefits on both sides of the meter that will ensure customers see economic benefits and NV Energy sees grid reliability improvements.”

“NV Energy has long been a leader in innovative energy programs and this agreement is another example of their continuing commitment to deliver impactful energy solutions to their customers,” said Michael Zimmerman, president and CEO, BuildingIQ. “Having partnered with NV Energy in previous new technology demonstration programs, we are excited to be part of this new initiative and Market Technology Demonstration Program and to show the industry how our solutions can support utilities in advancing the smart grid and customer relations.”

Predictive Energy Optimization: The BuildingIQ system is the only energy management software platform that forecasts energy demand and automatically adjusts a building’s HVAC settings to continuously optimize energy use and peak loads. BuildingIQ works with existing building energy management systems and utility demand response systems, and incorporates weather forecasts, occupant comfort, utility prices and demand response signals in its optimization algorithms. BuildingIQ automatically reduces energy consumption, cost, and emissions while maintaining or improving occupant comfort.