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BuildingIQ Shares/CDIs Held Under Escrow

When BuildingIQ (ASX: BIQ) listed on 17 December 2015, there were a number of Shares/Chess Depository Interests (CDIs) that were subject to voluntary and / or ASX-imposed escrow and trading restrictions for periods of up to 24 months.

BuildingIQ advises that 9,419,349 Shares/CDIs, which were subject to an escrow period of 12 months, are now released from the restrictions attached to them. The Company further advises that it has no expectation that those Shares/CDIs will be sold by the holders in the short to medium term.

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Christine Bowen
Principal Consultant - communicaterelate.
Ph: +61 414 861 629

About BuildingIQ
BuildingIQ (ASX: BIQ) helps building owners and operators worldwide lower energy use, and increase building operations efficiency and tenant comfort.

The Company’s 5i cloud-based platform and Managed Services deliver on the promise of IoT for buildings with none of the drawbacks. Over 60M square feet of building space is currently under management with BuildingIQ.

Investors in BuildingIQ include the Venture Capital unit of Siemens Financial Services, Paladin Capital and Exto Partners.