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New York City Local Law 97

The Climate Mobilization Act is Now Local Law 97

How To Comply

New York City's Climate Mobilization Act sets forth an aggressive commitment to reduce greenhouse gases by buildings as they contribute nearly three-quarters of all citywide emissions.

You probably are aware that Local Law 97 establishes emissions caps for buildings over 25,000 square feet. Do you know that failure to comply with the new requirements can result in hefty fines? Do you know what this mean for building owners?

It means that a fine will be applied for every year that the building is over the carbon limit —$268 per every metric ton annually, to be exact. For example, if measures aren't implemented on a 100,000 ft2 building to limit emissions by 2030 —when the carbon limit for office buildings is essentially cut in half— to 4.53 kg/SF/YR the annual fine balloons to $146,596!

Carbon Emissions Per Building Type

What Can You Do to Comply

You'll want to start by learning your building's baseline, what systems may be running out of specification and consuming more energy than they should, and your tenants behavior. We can help with that!

For pennies per ft2 per year, BuildingIQ provides a combination of patented Artificial Intelligence with human expertise to create clear actionable measures to help you save energy and operational costs. The first step is obtain a free a Meter Insight Analysis. During this analysis, we make an initial evaluation of your building’s consumption behavior. All we need to get started is one year of historical whole electricity consumption.

Ready to get started? Please, find a time that works for you to connect with our local representative, Kevin Debasitis, so you can discuss your building's needs. Don't delay. There’s really very little time left to put a monitoring system in place, figure out where your building may be wasting energy, and take any needed corrective action.