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Building Operations

Our take on the Building Internet of Things brings an array of products and services to help you manage, tune, and operate buildings through big data, re-commissioning, and monitored commissioning.

Facility Worksite

Fast work order ticketing and intuitive task scheduling.

Busy facilities management personnel are constantly juggling lots of tasks and priorities to keep their sites running well and occupants happy. At times, it’s chaotic, a constant balancing act between the predictable —preventive maintenance, scheduled events— and the unpredictable —occupant service requests, ad hoc events. BuildingIQ’s answer to these needs is Facility Worksite: a service request and work order management system (aka, ticketing system) that is quick and easy to use, and is very cost effective.

Facility Worksite makes it easier to manage the predictable and unpredictable demands that facilities teams face daily and helps them get things done quickly and efficiently. It’s quick to deploy and securely accessible from any web browser. It can be deployed standalone, or as an integral part of the broader BuildingIQ 5i platform, which helps manage and optimize HVAC operations and occupant comfort.

Learn about the BuildingIQ Mobile App —the perfect companion for Facility Worksite.

Features & Benefits


  • Simple, easy to use interface.
  • Securely accessible from any device / web browser.
  • Scalable, from single building to multi-property, distributed portfolios.
  • Preventive Maintenance module that automatically creates work orders at the appropriate times.
  • Manual and configurable automatic work order assignment.
  • Work order escalation capabilities.
  • Directed notifications of events and tasks.
  • Calendar view provides quick access to scheduled preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Occupant-facing Service Center web page, which enables submission of new service requests and checking status of previous submissions.
  • Built-in reporting capabilities.


  • Simplifies the management of complex service scenarios where internal teams and external providers must complete tasks.
  • Increases productivity and effectiveness of on-site and remote staff and vendors.
  • Occupant access via Service Center reduces administrative burden.
  • Faster resolution to occupant service requests.
  • Easy to generate key performance metrics for reporting to building owners and operators.
  • Simplifies preventive maintenance management, avoiding costly breakdowns.
  • Ensures work orders don’t fall through the cracks.

Facility Worksite Pricing

Facility Worksite will make your job easier. It is a fast, simple, and cost-effective solution that will enable you to keep your building(s) running better and your occupants happier.


Small Business?

$99/ month

  • 1 Worksite
  • 100 Locations
  • -----
  • -----
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Incident Reports
  • Email Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Preventive Maintenance: +$50

Medium Business?

$999/ month

  • 15 Worksites
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Hierarchical Rollup
  • Worksite Templates
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Incident Reports
  • Email Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Preventive Maintenance: +$500
Enterprise subscription also available.
Please, Contact us and we'll help you get started.

Smart Tune

Data analytics-driven HVAC re-commissioning for smarter, better system tune ups.

Our data-driven retro-commissioning services ensure the optimal configuration of the HVAC control system. Smart Tune projects range from system overhauls to specific, tactical improvements to the existing BMS. Smart Tune service projects are founded on data and data analysis that augment the human expertise driven elements of site assessment, diagnosis, adjustment and on-site validation of HVAC and BMS controls in a building.

HVAC control retro-commissioning is a natural step on the journey toward building efficiency. Smart Tune project make that step more meaningful by ensuring that the commissioning work is done correctly, and with an eye toward a potential future that includes fully autonomous, predictive control.

Outcome-based Fault Detection

Industry standard rules. Cloud-based intelligence. Human expertise.

Outcome-based Fault Detection (OFD) addresses the shortcomings common to all fault detection and diagnostic (FDD) services. With OFD, BuildingIQ not only remedies these shortcomings, but it also extends the category by building prioritization of faults and issues, ticketing work for prioritized faults with full client override capabilities, and data-based validation of the effectiveness of work performed into one comprehensive service.

As is an integral part of the BuildingIQ 5i journey, OFD can be even further enhanced by adding close-loop control to autonomously take corrective actions defined by predictive energy optimization algorithms. Clients may also transition into OFD from earlier steps in the journey such energy visualization or work ticketing.

BuildingIQ Subscriptions

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BuildingIQ's services are sold as a monthly subscription. It is generally cash flow positive within the first year of implementation and requires minimum upfront capital to get started.