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BuildingIQ’s Meter Processing Flow

Predictive Energy Optimization™ (PEO) platform is a paradigm-shifting technology used to reduce energy consumption in commercial, academic, and government buildings. This paper focuses on the important process of collecting meter data and feeding it into the PEO model.

Measurement and Verification Functionality of the BuildingIQ System

Reducing building energy use through the implementation of energy efficiency projects is a proven strategy. However, claims of energy efficiency savings must be supported by measurement. Clients, investors, program administrators, and other stakeholders now require quantifiable evidence that the contract or programmatic goals have been met.

Managing Maximum Demand Through Optimization

The status quo for today’s HVAC technology includes temperature control that is static and fragmented; that is, building temperatures directed by a fixed setpoint, and HVAC scheduling that is independent for each zone/room. Flexibility to move temperatures around leads to enormous opportunities to optimize energy efficiency and cost.

BuildingIQ Security

The security of customer BMS and IT systems is of the utmost importance to BuildingIQ, and our products and policies reflect that. BuildingIQ stays abreast of and uses the best practices as they emerge from the IT security community whose sole focus is on quickly dealing with current threats and anticipating future ones.