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5i Intelligent Energy Platform

Energy and operational intelligence

BuildingIQ's technology platform is built on the five pillars of data capture analysis, advanced modeling, measurement & verification, closed loop predictive control, and expert human analysis. Services built on our platform deliver an optimized balance of energy savings, operational efficiency, and tenant comfort.

Services built on our 5i Intelligent Energy Platform deliver an optimized balance of energy savings, operational efficiency, and tenant comfort.

Value to Our Customers in 3 Ways

Energy Savings

BuildingIQ delivers proven, sustainable energy savings that's a measurable outcome of the services we deploy. Yet it drives overall building operating efficiencies, tenant comfort and more.

Operational Efficiency

Collaboration between BuildingIQ's remote building experts begins with us, taking on the hard work of, analyzing and then diagnosing what's happening in your building. Our team augments your team with insights that identify costly anomalies while continually optimizing BMS processes.

Tenant Comfort

Energy efficiency and smooth operation without tenant comfort is nothing. Everything we do is tempered by the mandate of tenant comfort. Advanced predictive analytics and real-time control have resulted in lowering hot/cold calls by as much as 25% while achieving sustainable energy efficiency and operational savings.

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BuildingIQ offers partners the opportunity to market a unique, leading-edge solution to help their customers manage and conserve energy.

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