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BuildingIQ Mobile App

Simplify the Way You Manage Your Building

Take your building's pulse in seconds

The BuildingIQ Mobile App lets you take the pulse of what's going on in your building. In seconds, your team can create and update maintenance services tickets, while you track progress and get a view of what's happening in the building. Log comfort feedback on the go and create a real-time map of actual comfort versus what the building management system reports.

All from a single, intuitive app.

We know that providing tenants individual, direct control over HVAC can be a recipe for system chaos —resulting in high and unpredictable energy costs, and premature equipment failure. So we don't. As a Facilities professional, you're in control of enabling tenant comfort feedback. This data is pulled into the comfort band (dead band) and used in our optimization algorithms. This means that instead of chaos, over time, you get a better, uniquely tuned HVAC system that drives higher tenant satisfaction and market value for your properties.

Much More Than Just Control From a Mobile Device

Functionality for Facilities Teams

The ability to manage hot/cold comfort calls and other service requests can now be at your fingertips. With the BuildingIQ app you can:

Configure whole floors or spaces within floors

Set occupied hours for each space

Get a quick view of aggregated feedback across all tenants and locations

See static information about comfort and energy management

Engage with your tenants directly and/or via push notifications

Tenant Engagement

Sometimes you want to know; other times you don’t. It’s entirely up to you to allow your tenants to provide comfort feedback through the BuildingIQ Mobile App.

Role-based access tied to properties allow you to selectively turn on tenant comfort feedback.

From one app, your tenants can become an extension of your sensor and fault detection system.


The BuildingIQ Mobile App is designed to be used by current customers. A Facility Worksite subscription is the minimum recommended requirement to get the most of the app.

If you are not a currently using Facility Worksite, visit to learn more about the various subscription levels.


The BuildingIQ Mobile App is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Download the BuildingIQ Mobile App from the Apple Store. Download the BuildingIQ Mobile App from Google Play.
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