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April 11, 2012
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April 23, 2012
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BuildingIQ and Schneider Electric to Provide the Next Generation of Energy Management

Offers a unique, integrated solution that goes beyond reporting to deliver measurable energy savings

San Francisco – April 16, 2012 – BuildingIQ and Schneider Electric have joined forces to provide commercial building owners and facility managers with the next generation solution for energy management. Announced at the Cleantech Forum San Francisco last month, BuildingIQ and Schneider Electric spoke about the conference theme, “The Power of Partnerships,” and how they are meetings the needs of customers through a fully integrated energy management solution that first predicts and then automatically optimizes a building’s energy use, continuously adjusting the building management system’s settings to meet the needs of the building each day while delivering savings.

As Orlando Perez, Schneider Electric points out, “We (Schneider Electric) look globally for companies that we can bring to the table for our clients…BuildingIQ was one of those companies, we decided their technology was far advanced vs. the competition.”

The combination of BUILDINGIQ and DRIQ, provided by BuildingIQ, and Schneider Electric, offers a unique, integrated system that goes beyond just reporting or analysis to deliver measurable energy savings every day.

BuildingIQ’s Predictive Energy Optimization™ technology enables this novel cloud- based energy management system that automatically and continuously fine tunes HVAC operations to minimize energy use and connect buildings to the Smart Grid.BuildingIQ helps commercial building owners reduce energy consumption and improve operations with minimal capital expense and no resource-intensive building upgrades.

With DRIQ, building owners and facility managers are able to access information in real-time to meet Demand Response (DR) energy reduction targets, while ensuring tenant comfort commitments are met. This unique ability to meet both objectives makes DRIQ the best possible DR solution for commercial buildings.

“What facility manager wants another report…another task on their to-do list? Many of today’s energy solutions are static, don’t reduce the operating burden on staff and struggle to generate a clear ROI,” Michael Zimmerman, Founder and CEO of BuildingIQ. “Together with Schneider Electric, we represent the future of smart buildings. Energy efficient buildings that react to energy needs in real-time every day – that is the next generation of energy management in commercial buildings.”

About BuildingIQ
Founded in 2009, BuildingIQ is a leading energy management software company whose mission is to redefine the way energy is managed in commercial buildings. BuildingIQ’s suite of software offerings are based on unique, patent-pending Predictive Energy OptimizationTM technology. These offerings reduce peak and ongoing energy cost and consumption, helping facility owners, managers and occupants get more value out of their existing HVAC energy systems. BuildingIQ has commercialized 15 person-years of building control systems, modeling and comfort research developed by the world-leading experts at the Energy Division of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national research organization, and combined it with industry expertise and an additional 10 person-years of its own R&D to offer commercial facility owners and managers high value solutions with no capital expense outlay.

The company has been honored as Winner of the AIRAH Award for Excellence in Innovation, Tech23’s Greatest Potential Award, and most recently Environmental Design + Construction and Sustainable Facility’s Readers’ Choice Award two years running and Connectivity Week’s Buildy Award. BuildingIQ also shared an award with Western Power for Sustainable Engineering Association 2011 Award for Excellence in Innovation.

For more information, visit You can also follow the company on Twitter – @BuildingIQ.

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