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BuildingIQ Supports Green Button Initiative to Create Easy Access to Energy Consumption Data

San Francisco – October 1, 2012 – BuildingIQ, a leading provider of energy efficiency and smart grid software, today announced its support of the White House-inspired, industry-led Green Button Initiative. The aim of the Green Button Initiative is to provide electricity consumers, both residential and commercial, with easy and secure access to their own energy consumption data. Armed with this data, the goal is that consumers will adjust behavioral patterns and utilize innovative, helpful apps and services in order to increase energy efficiency.

The Green Button Initiative, launched earlier this year, utilizes a consensus, industry-developed standard. Participating utilities are able to offer customers a user-friendly format by which to download their own energy consumption data through the utility website. Increased transparency in energy consumption patterns will lead to reduced waste and increased savings.

Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, has said that “the Green Button will arm millions of Americans with information they can use to lower their energy bills. Innovative tools like these are good for our economy, good for the health of our communities, and an essential part of our approach toward a secure and clean energy future that works for Americans.”

“We fully support this initiative, and look forward to helping our customers in the commercial building sector optimize energy use and reduce operating complexity in their facilities,” said Mike Zimmerman, CEO of BuildingIQ. “With access to this data through Green Button, utilities will help BuildingIQ predict and manage our customers’ peak loads and day to day energy use. This isn’t just about throwing numbers around. It’s about using those numbers to drive savings, reduce the loads on the grid and improve productivity.”

With access to historical data, BuildingIQ can model a building’s potential energy and peak load savings even before its solution is installed. Once installed, BuildingIQ’s Predictive Energy Optimization technology is able to utilize this data along with other variables such as utility prices, weather forecasts and occupant schedules, to fine tune building control systems  in real-time in order to maximize energy efficiency.  This approach of proactively managing energy use, rather than just reporting or analyzing the data sets BuildingIQ apart from the rest of the energy management software industry.