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Gaining Ground in the Greenfield Space

More Capabilities Means More Benefits for Our Clients 

Last year’s acquisition of Buildingsense was a strategic move to strengthen our position in the new construction and retrofit markets. Before we had offered optimization-as-a-service to owner/operators of exiting buildings regardless of their states. By acquiring Buildingsense we gained the capability to embed optimization of operations, energy, and comfort through our 5i Platform of technology-enabled services from day one in the life of a building and also during major retrofit projects. 

Through our Buildingsense side of our business, we deliver turnkey SAUTER Controls building automation and mechanical/electrical solutions to hospitals, hotels, retail spaces, data centers, and various other types of buildings. Very much aligned with Australia’s overall growth focus on three important sectors –education, healthcare, and infrastructure. This was a key differentiator and important factor among other providers that helped us win a very high-profile project owned by the Government of West Australia.

Servicing Hotels, Universities, Hospitals, etc…

Since the start of 2018, we have increased the number of greenfield projects. Most notably the Flinders Bankstown Office in New South Wales where we have integrated a Sauter Vision Center with our 5i Platform to get the building to a 5-star NABERS rating. In addition, the QT Hotel in Perth was commissioned in 2018 and since then it has been monitored by our remote Network Operations Center team as part of ongoing performance improvement of the building.   

Our early involvement in all these projects has meant that we have been able to extract, catalog, and analyze data from the very beginning of those buildings life-cycle. The wealth of knowledge we are capturing has and continues to be invaluable not only to the building owners but to the facilities professionals who are now managing them.

What’s Next

Several of these clients have graduated, if you will, to receive more advanced products with the goal to have their buildings completely controlled and optimized using our Predictive Energy Optimization, our premier 5i Platform service in a short period of time. We also recently signed as a client a large school development with Oran park in NSW and two strategic projects in the healthcare space, one is the Somerset Private Hospital and the other is the Mudgee Hospital redevelopment through Dewpoint Air, also in NSW. So, our reach continues to grow. Our goal to increase the number of smart buildings in the world is well underway. 

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Roy Arindam is Vice President & Managing Director – Construction Services across Asia-Pacific at BuildingIQ. In addition, he’s leading the operations and business expansion team spanning delivery of automation solutions to the greenfield sector and analytics services to the existing buildings segment. Roy has more than fifteen years of combined entrepreneurial experience working for companies like Alerton Australia, Wormald Fire Service, Siemens, and of course BuildingIQ and Buildingsense. He has been instrumental in the implementation of automation technologies in 200+ buildings and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence using FDD in over 100 buildings across Australia and parts of Asia-Pacific.