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March 21, 2012
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April 11, 2012
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This Week at the Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2012

This week at the Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2012, Schneider Electric and BuildinqIQ
spoke together on the show’s theme – “The Power of Global Partnerships” – and what it
means for customers. Schneider Electric’s Orlando Perez outlined what the company sees
as the key to current and future customers as they look for ways to make the most of their
energy use.

Schneider Electric is seeing a very exciting market trend with tremendous potential
called “Predictive Energy Optimization.” This technology predicts energy demand and directly
adjusts system parameters to continuously optimize energy usage within a facility.

Predictive Energy Optimization is the core basis of BuildingIQ’s solution and is unique in that
it not only predicts, but also automates and controls energy use within commercial buildings,
making it a natural fit for the companies to work together.

As Orlando stated, “Across our global network, Schneider Electric looks to build strategic
relationships in many segments of our industry; BuildingIQ is an example of such an approach.”

But what does this mean for customers? Easy. BuildingIQ sits on top of the existing BMS
systems and learns the building’s energy use. Then the system automates and controls the
energy use while optimizing building performance. The result is improved energy use and
reduced energy spending, all while ensuring tenant comfort.

By infusing the BMS with a greater level of intelligence, we are entering the next generation of
energy management and ultimately creating smarter buildings.