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Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I participate in the Partner Program?

Once you contact us, we will set up a series of meetings to explain our solution and see if it aligns with your business goals. Assuming it does, we will execute a partnership agreement and provide support with training, marketing materials, sales, implementation, and on-going customer support.

Q: How much time/commitment is required to participate in the Partner Program?

It depends. As with any solution sale, your level of commitment will determine your revenue projections. You can sign up as a Silver, Gold or Platinum Partner, which will determine how much time and financial involvement will be necessary from you and your company.

Q: What’s the difference between the Partnership levels?

Silver – Referral Partner: You introduce BuildingIQ to a potential prospect. BuildingIQ manages the sales process with your support and pays you a referral fee based on the size of the building and the contracts you sell during the calendar year. Most Silver Partners are independent consulting firms and other energy-related providers.

Gold – Reseller Partner: You purchase BuildingIQ at a wholesale transfer price and resell it at a retail price. In this case, you own the customer relationship and provide the first-level support. Most Gold Partners are Value Added Resellers (VARs) for other related technologies.

Platinum – OEM Partner: You provide your customers with a “white-labeled” BuildingIQ product. You sell it, own the customer relationship, and provide on-going support with the help of BuildingIQ. Most Platinum partners are large ESCO’s.

Q: Is there a cost to become a partner?

There is no upfront fee for the Silver partnership. Gold and Platinum partnerships do require an annual partner fee to partially offset the required training and support activities.

Q: How much money will I make as a partner? Under which plan will I make the most?

How much money you make depends completely on how much you sell. We can discuss the plans with you in detail and help you do the analysis to determine which will best fit your business.

Q: How long is the partnership agreement?

The length of the agreement depends on the level of the partnership. Silver agreements last for one year and renew automatically. Gold and Platinum agreements last three years.

Q: How does BuildingIQ manage leads and prospects with other partners’ sales efforts?

Once you execute a Partnership Agreement, we will start working together to identify and qualify leads. You will submit your leads to BuildingIQ and receive written notification that your leads are accepted. You can register up to 15 leads at any particular time. Your registered leads are exclusively yours to pursue for a period of 4 months. No other partner can sell to your registered leads during the Exclusivity Period.

Q: What happens if after 4 months there’s no sale, but we are moving closer to a deal?

As long as you are actively pursuing the business and communicating your progress, we will extend your registration for 90 days. If a deal goes stale after the Exclusivity Period, we reserve the right to reassign it to another partner.

Q: Will I be competing against BuildingIQ direct salespeople and/or other partners?

No. BuildingIQ Sales Directors are incented to help you be successful. Any deals you win in their territory count towards their sales quota. We will hold periodic pipeline calls with you to understand what’s in your funnel and what help you need.

Q: My customer has many different locations. Can I sell BuildingIQ outside of my sales territory?

Your partner agreement will specify your defined sales territory. You can sell BuildingIQ outside your territory provided the account has been discussed and approved by BuildingIQ and is registered to you.

Q: When will I be paid after a referral/sale goes through?

Silver Partners’ commissions are paid 45 days after the customer pays BuildingIQ. Gold and Platinum partners are paid directly by their customers.

Q: What kind of support will I be getting from BuildingIQ during the sales process?

BuildingIQ will be with you during the entire sales process. We have a password-protected section of our website dedicated to our partners with case studies, white papers, brochures, logos, and presentation templates for you to use. We also talk to our partners on a regular basis to discuss their pipeline, and make sure they get the support they need.

Q: When can our logo go up on the BuildingIQ Partner Page on the website?

Silver Partners’ logos are added to the website after their first sale. Logos for Gold and Platinum partners are added when their partnership agreements are executed.

Q: Can BuildingIQ provide co-branded material to support our sales outreach?

Yes, BuildingIQ can provide co-branded material depending on your needs and level of partnership. We need to know at least three full weeks in advance of an event. You will be responsible for any printing costs. Because our business focuses on sustainability, we request you only print small quantities; our preferred method of delivery is electronic.

Q: How can I learn more about BuildingIQ?

Our website is the location for the most up-to-date marketing materials, case studies, podcasts, videos, and articles. There, you’ll also find links to live and recorded webinars (

You can always reach out to us via phone at 1-888-260-4080, option 4 or email at

Q: I provide energy services and commission/retrocommission my customer’s HVAC systems. How would BuildingIQ fit into my service offering?

For companies engaged in commissioning or retro commissioning, BuildingIQ can help improve your bottom line in several ways. First, BuildingIQ’s platform can help you perform commissioning faster and for less money, given you a leg up on the competition. Second, after you’ve completed your project, you can sell BuildingIQ as a monitored commissioning solution to ensure the building stays properly tuned. You will be meeting with your customer on a monthly basis to reviewing the BuildingIQ Performance Report. This provides a structured opportunity for you to stay engaged with your customer and become aware of their other energy needs and savings opportunities.

Q: How do I sign up?

To discuss new potential partnerships, please fill out contact form below: