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BuildingIQ 5i Platform Reduces St John of God Murdoch Hospital’s Energy Consumption by Nearly 50,000 kWh in One Month

Hospital cuts operational costs by $4,500 a month with IoT intelligent energy management platform

SYDNEY – March 8, 2018 – BuildingIQ (ASX: BIQ) a tech-enabled services business, today announces that its 5i intelligent energy management platform has been able to significantly reduce the St John of God Murdoch Hospital’s overall projected energy consumption via data visualisation, fault detection and closed-loop control of specific HVAC zones. Despite only managing half of the 413,872-sq. ft. (34,450-sq. m.) hospital, BuildingIQ’s IoT-based solution reduced the facility’s HVAC energy projected consumption by 10 percent and its overall projected energy consumption by 5 percent. Since BuildingIQ’s technology is offered on a subscription basis, St John of God Murdoch Hospital has essentially been able to sign up for energy savings, with a nearly 50,000 kWh reduction occurring in July 2017. These reductions have translated to approximately $4,500 in net savings per month.

St John of God Murdoch Hospital – which houses more than 500 beds and serves nearly 50,000 patients per year – is a division of St. John of God Health Care, one of Australia’s largest health care providers with locations throughout the country. The facility consists of operating theatres, a 24-hour emergency department, as well as various other wards, common areas, and rooms. The BuildingIQ 5i platform was installed utilising the building’s existing BMS as a source of data and proxy to implement control over the building, and did not require any significant changes to the facility’s existing infrastructure.

“The 5i platform exceeded our expectations,” said John Bose, Manager Engineering Services of St John of God Murdoch Hospital. “The technology is backed by BuildingIQ’s remote team of monitoring engineers and data scientists that provide an additional layer of support and oversight from our on-the-ground facilities staff. The data and analysis that is created is always actionable so our technicians have clear guidance on how to fix discovered faults or optimise energy usage.”

“St John of God Murdoch Hospital is the perfect example of a customer embarking on our 5i journey,” said Michael Nark, President and CEO of BuildingIQ. “Our partnership started off with vital data visualisation through our 5i platform. From there it progressed to more advanced technology-enabled services, such fault detection, and closed loop control. The best part is, since our technology operates in the cloud, this strategy can be easily scaled and replicated among other St John of God Health Care properties, with our platform serving as a central portal for operational information.”

To learn more about our work with the St John of God Murdoch Hospital, access the full case study here.


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