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Building Internet of Things (IoT) –Case Studies at the Edge

The Internet of Things —in its most current version— has been around for about 3-4 years. Nowadays, it is redefining traditional building automation. Fueled by a common network, (the Web/Cloud) and edge processing that is getting cheaper, faster, and more powerful, the idea of instrumenting everything in a building is catching on. And in most cases this new technology needs to co-exist with older generations.

During this webinar —Hosted by Realcomm— we focused on the leading-edge case studies involving IoT for Buildings that take full advantage of this new generation of technology.

Scott Collins, Project Executive, Bedrock
Michael Osment, SVP, CIO/CTO, Taubman Centers
Vladi Shunturov, Co-Founder & President, Lucid
Steve Nguyen, VP, Product & Marketing, BuildingIQ
Srini Khandavilli, IoT/SMART Program Director, Intel
Todd Frederes, Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems

Moderator: Tom Schircliff, Co-Founder, IntelligentBuildings

Duration: 99:28 mins