Expand Your Client Base With Analytics-Based Services – BuildingIQ


BuildingIQ’s new 5i Platform powers a suite of cloud-based services that engage customers in a long-term, value-based relationship built on a foundation of energy cost/use savings, operational efficiency, and tenant comfort. Attend our webinar to find out how your organization can provide ongoing energy services that:

  • lower your customers’ HVAC related energy costs by 10-25% month over month,
  • identify system and HVAC equipment anomalies using cloud-based energy analytics,
  • improve tenant comfort by continually monitoring and/or controlling zone temperatures,
  • help enforce your organization’s role as a trusted energy and building management advisor, and
  • position your organization for future BMS extensions, projects, and ECMs with embedded measurement & verification.

All of this is possible when you partner with BuildingIQ.

Teddy Kisch, Senior Project Manager, Energy Solutions
Terrece McManus, VP of Business Development, BuildingIQ
Kevin Debasitis, Utility Commercial Solutions, BuildingIQ

Steve Nguyen, Sr. Director, Marketing, BuildingIQ

Duration: 45:21 mins