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BuildingIQ Solutions

BuildingIQ’s 5i Platform uses energy intelligence to optimize energy, improve operations, and increase tenant comfort in a wide range of buildings. Services that power our solutions range from ticket management, to retro-commissioning, to closed loop control that tunes your building’s HVAC settings every four hours.

BuildingIQ solutions are built on the 5i energy intelligence platform. The platform has five intelligent pillars: data capture and analysis, modeling, measurement & verification, control, and human expertise. This unique approach results in a better Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled building.

Regardless of which service you start with, or whether your building is retired in place, has an evolving BMS, or is already state-of-the-art, BuildingIQ’s approach makes it run better. Our platform is deployed only once because it learns and evolves with your building’s, your BMS’, and your tenants’ needs.

Technology-Powered People

BuildingIQ has a core belief in people. Your facilities team knows the personality of your buildings better than any machine. We augment their abilities with our own. You know your building, we know data. Yet, every solution we deploy has our team of experienced energy engineers behind it. They provide the intangible value to temper energy intelligence with human capital.

Benefits We’ve Delivered

  • Sustained, repeatable, and predictable improvements in building energy performance
  • Energy and operational savings across multiple buildings with differing BMS backbones
  • Decreased HVAC energy use by 25%
  • No CapEx increases with 100% remote deployment
  • Maintained or increased tenant comfort at all times —even during DR events or aggressive efficiency measures
  • Improved property value by increasing LEED and NABERS scores.

Three Core Values

Core Values