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About BuildingIQ

Building Energy and Operating Intelligence.

BuildingIQ (ASX:BIQ) helps building owners and operators worldwide lower energy use, increase building operations efficiency and tenant comfort. BuildingIQ builds services and solutions based on a core set of technologies incorporated into its platform and methodology —data analytics, modeling and optimization technologies, purpose-built applications, and human-powered, technology-enabled managed services. The company’s services deliver value to building owners and operators at any stage of a building’s lifecycle.
Our unique five-pillared approach incorporates the best of Internet of Things solutions with none of their inherent drawbacks.
Investors in BuildingIQ include the Venture Capital unit of Siemens Financial Services, Aster Capital —backed by Schneider Electric, Alstom and Solvay, Paladin Capital, Exto Partners, and the Energy Division of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).
Part of BuildingIQ solutions use technology originally developed by CSIRO, Australia’s national lab and inventor of WiFi. Over 50 years of R&D were invested in creating the optimization technology that BuildingIQ engineers continue to improve every day.

The Team

Sanjay Patel : Executive Chairman & Interim CEO

Sanjay Patel

Executive Chairman & Interim CEO

An entrepreneur, with a track record of 29 years in business, Sanjay has established and operated multiple companies in various industries. He brings a unique combination of business experience in implementing enterprise solutions, and growing new ventures. He has technical expertise in the fields of wireless systems, computer hardware, software, telecommunications, network engineering and healthcare. Sanjay holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics, Communication, and Computer Engineering from California State University.

Daivesh Sanghvi : Director

Daivesh Sanghvi


Mr. Sanghvi, as a founding member of SNAPS, brings 30 years of experience in next-generation and disruptive technology businesses in IoT / AI, telecom, mission-critical communication, utility, manufacturing, retail, and enterprise solutions.

Daivesh’s areas of expertise include business visioning, sales & marketing, product management, technical oversight, and supervisory management of all the clients and partner relationships. Daivesh holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Computer Science from MSRIT University.

Steve Nguyen : VP of Product and Marketing

Steve Nguyen

VP of Product and Marketing

Steve Nguyen leads product and marketing at BuildingIQ to bring a suite of cloud-based energy intelligence service to the commercial, healthcare, education, and other building markets. Steve joined BuildingIQ from Bidgely, where he ran marketing and helped utilities to better engage consumers with their energy use through the power of disaggregation. Prior to Bidgely, he ran corporate marketing and embedded solutions product marketing at IoT pioneer Echelon – helping shape the market for today’s smart buildings and early markets for smart homes and the smart grid. Steve helped introduced the world’s first 1:1 motion tracking controller for 3D immersive virtual reality gaming and created a multi-author, multi-threaded writing platform. He holds a B.S. from Brandeis University and M.B.A. from Boston College.